Shipping & Taxes

Q : When is my order going to be shipped?
A : I usually ship orders on Monday ( if you order on Sunday it might not be shipped the next monday but the week after depending on my time). You’ll receive an email when your order is complete and a tracking number.

Q : Where can I track my order?
A : You may track the package through the french postal website ( there is a window to change the language ^^) >>

Q: Why do I need to pay customs?
A: Custom taxes depends on your country, I have a legal obligation as a seller to fill in the customs and the prices and items I send. Your country may or may not decide customs may apply but it is not something I handle.

Q : I was sent the wrong item/a damaged item, what to do?
A : You can send me a mail with a photo and I’ll send another/the right item ^^.